Dr. John Shannon, Advanced Chiropractic Physician

If you have or have had a work related injury, you need to read this.

ALL worker’s compensation patients have the right to a Permanent Partial Impairment Rating, (PPI rating).

A PPI rating is a rating given at the end of your treatment for your work related injury. Essentially, what is done for this service is a complete Consultation and Examination, as well as review of all your relevant medical documentation.

If you have any permanent physical loss due to your injury, the doctor will provide a percentage of loss of use of the whole body, ( an impairment rating).

Once an impairment number is arrived at by your physician, it is multiplied by $177,000. This means if you have a 10% impairment rating, the insurance company will pay you $17,700.

If you believe you have a permanent injury, call UMED Pain Management at 907-947-7862 for a free consultation.

Dr. Shannon, DC is one of only a few physicians, in the State of Alaska, who is a Nationally Certified Independent Medical Examiner, through the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners.

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