Dr. John Shannon, Advanced Chiropractic Physician

Condition:  Chronic knee pain is almost as common as low back pain in our office.  Even after multiple treatments, of other injections, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and even surgery, including knee replacement, patients still have persistent pain in the knees.

Cause:  Typically, the cause of chronic knee pain is compression or injury to the genicular nerves.  These are four nerves that come out of each corner of the knee, the upper, lower, inside and outside of the knee which supplies pain fibers to the knee itself.  Whether it is knee replacement or arthroscopic surgery or trauma to the knee or even arthritis which causes an individual to walk abnormally, one or more of these nerves can become compressed and therefore cause continued chronic pain in the knee.

Procedure:  The procedure in this case is similar to the other procedures.  We locate the genicular nerves and then inject a solution which offers a local anesthetic effect as well as hydrodissects the tissue from around the nerve itself.

This not only sedates the pain fibers from firing which stops the pain, but the hydrodissection stops the ongoing compression of the nerve and prevents this from reoccurring.  It typically takes one to three of these injections to significantly if not totally stop the pain fibers from firing, and stop your knee pain- a very small needle is used…

All of the substances we use, are non-toxic and have no know side effects.

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