Dr. John Shannon, Advanced Chiropractic Physician

Condition:  Patients we see in our office are typically patients who have had low-grade chronic back pain for extended periods of time; a year or longer typically.

They have these symptoms even after trying one or several different treatments which may or may not include surgery also; yet still have that persistent 20 or 30% low back pain.

Cause:  When people have extended periods of low back pain, this causes what is termed physiological splinting (chronic tightness) of the low back muscles.  This prevents the low back spine and soft tissues from moving as a unit, as the individual bends, twists, turns, etc.  As a result of this, the nerves right under the skin, which are the pain nerves, start frictioning against the tight muscles and cause an irritation of those pain fibers.

Over time these pain fibers continue to fire and as a result set up their own nerve pathway ,where even with other procedures, that address your disc problems or your fixations in your spine or other issues that may be occurring, even when those issues are fixed, the pain fibers in the low back region are still firing and therefore you have this chronic low back pain which continues and persists.

Procedure:  In the case of low back problems, what we do, is we mark, typically, the superior cluneal nerves and/or intermediate cluneal nerves.  These originate from your lumbar vertebra L1, 2 and 3 and your first and second sacral segments.

These nerve pathways give pain innervation to your entire low back and upper buttocks region.  We trace out these nerve pathways and then inject along the nerve pathways using an extremely small needle just under the skin.  This does two things; it stops the pain fibers from firing, and as a result now allows the muscles to relax so we stop the frictioning of the pain fivers and therefore stop the pain generators that the friction is creating.  For all intents and purposes, it is simply rebooting the musculoskeletal system.  We typically do this procedure twice.  Whatever results the patients get after two procedures is typically as good as we are going to get with this particular procedure.

All of the substances we use, are non-toxic and have no know side effects.

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