Dr. John Shannon, Advanced Chiropractic Physician

Condition:  Chronic shoulder pain is a rather common condition.  It can be a rotator cuff tear, arthritis or a labral tear, which is the cartilage inside the shoulder itself.  We treat these conditions as well.

However, in some instances, what occurs do to either overuse or underuse of the shoulder or trauma such as blunt trauma to the shoulder itself is the pain nerves, specifically from the supraclavicular nerves and the cutaneous branches  from the axillary nerve, which go to the shoulder area become compressed or frictioned as a result of the overuse or lack of use or damage to the shoulder itself.

Cause:  As stated, overuse injuries such as throwing footballs, pitching, and other sports can cause microtrauma and tears to the tissues in the shoulder joint.  This creates inflammation which can then friction the nerves.

The majority of the time this resolves itself.  Additionally, underuse, where you get some atrophy or weakness in the muscle group can cause the muscles to splint slightly which will cause frictioning of the pain fibers right under the skin.  Because the shoulder is not moving properly, the friction occurs between the muscle tissue and the skin which puts stress and friction on the pain fibers between those two levels.  If the condition is there long enough, the pain fibers will set up their own pattern as a pain generator.  Therefore, even rest, ice or heat or other treatments in many cases will not get rid of the shoulder pain.

The answer to fixing this problem is to block the branches of the nerve fibers as well as hydrodissect around the nerves itself.  This stops the friction and stops the transmission of the pain fibers which causes the muscles to relax and stops the pain.

All of the substances we use, are non-toxic and have no know side effects.

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