Pain Management Injections for Trigger Points


Virtually every traumatic or chronic injury has some form of trigger point activity in the adjacent muscles to the injury site. These are often noted as little balls of highly tender areas which, when pressed on with minimal pressure, create pain and can even radiate pain to other areas of the body. Pain Management Injections dissolve and/or minimize the trigger points, thereby ceasing pain generation from the trigger points locally, or stopping the pain from radiating to other areas.


The injections we use are virtually painless, and involve a very small needle. An all-natural mild analgesic derived from the pitcher plant, Sarapin, is injected; simply put, it blocks the pain-transmitting fibers from the trigger point. This in turn stops the “pain-spasm-pain” cycle. Sarapin has been used in Pain Management Injections for over 60 years – with no known side effects.

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