Prolotherapy Harnesses Your Body’s Natural Healing Process


Prolotherapy is a relatively simple injection procedure designed to repair tendons, ligaments and cartilage material as a result of degenerative joint disease. This treatment has been developed and used extensively by physicians over the past 50 years. Simply stated, it triggers the body’s natural inflammatory reaction to re-initiate the healing process and to reattach tendons and ligaments, as well as help regenerate cartilage tissue in the affected areas.


The substances used are a combination of Sarapin (an all-natural analgesic) and 20% dextrose (the proliferant used to cause an inflammatory reaction). The procedure itself is extremely safe, and for most conditions has an approximate 80% success rate. Recent published research has shown that Prolotherapy dramatically outperforms cortisone injections for degenerative joint disease of the knee – with no side effects.


Course of Treatment


Prolotherapy treatment involves a series of injections, the number of which depends on the severity of injury. Patients can expect to receive anywhere from 3–6 injections.


Injections are typically administered every 2–4 weeks over the course of several months. Because Prolotherapy involves stimulating the sites of tissue breakdown so that the body can initiate its own healing mechanisms to repair and rebuild, a series of treatments spaced apart by several weeks are required. Each treatment builds upon the regeneration accomplished in the prior session, until the desired outcome is obtained.

Alaska Prolotherapy treatments for knee pain, back pain, neck pain, and chronic joint pain