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Dr. John Shannon, Advanced Chiropractic Physician

(Non-Narcotic approach to Chronic Low Back Pain)

Chronic Low back pain- pain lasting longer than 6 months- plagues Americans, millions of us. This is not news!

If you think you have tried everything, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Muscle Relaxers, Narcotics (which took 70,000 American lives in 2017), cortisone injections or even surgery, WELL YOU HAVEN’T!

I am certainly not implying these procedures don’t work. They do much of the time. It’s when they don’t, that U-MED PAIN MANAGEMENT will almost certainly be able to help.

Some of the patients we treat at our clinic, are patients with chronic low back pain, (pain lasting longer than 6 months), who have failed other procedures, or are not candidates for other procedures. How many of you have ongoing low- grade pain with other procedures, or have your pain continuously return after repeat procedures?

PERI-NEURAL NERVE BLOCKS may be the answer. This minimally invasive injection technique offers most of our patients, 50-60% relief after the first procedure, and 80% or greater relief after the second and final visit. We use all- natural substances, so there are virtually NO SIDE EFFECTS!

image of lower back painScientists have discovered, that chronic pain patients, as a result of constant friction over the pain nerves, due to constant tightness in the muscles, causes the pain nerves to continuously fire. Eventually, the constant firing of the pain nerves, cause the muscles to tighten more, and then cause the pain nerves to fire at an even greeater rate. It’s called the PAIN-SPASM CYCLE.

By blocking these pain fibers, located just under the skin, the pain starts subsiding and the muscles start relaxing within minutes. After the second procedure, the effects are very long lasting if not permanent.

U-MED PAIN MANAGEMENT is the only office to offer this procedure in Anchorage.

Please call for a consultation, at no charge, at 907-561-1323, to see if you are a candidate for this procedure!

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